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    At Allshred Pty Ltd, we provide high-quality and professional document destruction services for our customers. As a family owned business that has been operating in Melbourne for the last 15 years, we specialise in the secure destruction of paper, eWaste, faulty products and all forms of electronic data.

    Why choose shredding?

    Every single business, corporation, office and company produces mountains of paperwork that must be stored and handled securely by law. These documents can include confidential data and sensitive information that has to be kept from falling into the wrong hands.

    Too many businesses dispose of such important information by just throwing it in the bin - a method that can lead to breaches of data protection law, embarrassing information leaks or even handing your competitors an insight into the confidential workings of your business. Some people really will go through bins to find out information on your clients, your accounts and much more!

    Even if you don’t have physical documents, we live in an age where cybercrime, industrial espionage and identity theft are on the increase. Without secure disposal of all of your documents, your livelihood, your liberty and your very identity are at risk.

    Shredding is universally regarded as the safest, most secure way of destroying important documentation, paperwork and other materials, to ensure your data can never fall into the wrong hands.

    Our destruction services

    Allshred Pty Ltd offers a personalised, prompt, and reliable document destruction service to customers, clients and businesses across Melbourne, in adherence with good corporate social responsibility practices. We conduct our work with the very highest standards of integrity and we provide a security guarantee and certificate of destruction upon request.

    We can carry out on-site visits and collections for your convenience, and maximum security of your data. Contact us today to find out about our special rates for regular and scheduled collections.

    allshred pty ltd paper shredder and confidential documents

    For the secure destruction of your sensitive documents, call Allshred Pty Ltd today on 03 8790 5777
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